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Am I going to make any money this month? How long did my installers spend at the job site? Which one of my salespeople are the most productive? How many of my workers are on overtime? Where are the slabs for the Smith project? Did the templator bring back the sink to the shop? Is my website working like it should? Sound Familiar?


We have the solution! ShopMaster by Focus 3C



Foundation is the key to operating a successful business. It forms the core platform of our software solution. Explore the icons below for a brief overview of the core features of the Foundation Module.


You work hard at your business, we work hard to help you make it successful and profitable.


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Time Machine

Manage Employee Hours

Manpower costs you real money! Paying employees overtime costs even more. Manage your employee hours with our advanced touch screen time clock. This clock communicates wirelessly with our software to track your work force.


You can check hours from your computer or mobile device. Our intelligent notification system lets you know when your team is on the clock, off the clock or going into overtime.


Time Machine saves you money!



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Does your website reflect your business?


At Focus 3C we understand that you need a full spectrum business solution provider. Our team of IT experts know how to construct search engine optimized websites for the Stone Industry.


We can provide images, copywrite, design, typography, hosting and analytics analysis of your websites performance.


Our team understands marketing, branding and the Internet. We are here to help you succeed. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.



Web Design + Hosting

Marketing & Branding

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